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If you desire the absolute highest level of indoor comfort available, the Comfort Club is for you! With two Comfort Check-Ups each year, once before the heating season and once before the cooling season, your heating and cooling system will maintain high-quality and efficient operation. During each visit we'll check form and notify you of, parts and other issues that are at a high risk for failure. Since you'll have tome to fix your high-risk items before they fail, you'll save time, money and won't be inconvenienced by a break-down. The Comfort Club will keep your home comfortable and give you peace-of-mind.

When you join the Comfort Club, you'll also enjoy:
  • Total home comfort all year long
  • Two Comfort Check-Ups each year (Fall & Spring)
  • Two consultations per year with a Comfort Specialist
  • VIP customer status
  • 30% discount on corrective services
  • 24-hour emergency service*
  • Free condenser coil cleaner
  • Free heat exchanger inspection
  • Extended equipment life
  • Improved safety & equipment efficiency
  • No overtime charges**
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*-Excludes diagnostic fee.
**-Except holidays.